Monday, March 22, 2010

Step up my game

Time for me to step it up and TRY and find some good shit to post.
UNIT has been putting up the decent works lately.

Drypnz and Nektar touching up the Opera House wall. Nektar is fucking dope.

No need to explain who this is. Big ups Brother.

Cuba Street.

This is the 3rd Goat stencil I've found. This one happens to be in Newtown.


Wellington based blog Wellington street art & Fashion have posted up some images from around Auckland-town. Check the link HERE

Askew talks about his development of style and delves into his own career history as well as that of the history of New Zealand graffiti. It's not often you get to hear about personal development verbally as opposed to visually from a top writer.

AIM sent me through an article from that reports on ''Urban Anarchists'' who use the reverse graffiti technique pioneered by Paul Curtis AKA Moose. Instead of aerosol can they are equipped with rags and spray'n'wipe.

Check it HERE

Did anyone see what went down at Cosmic Corner Manners Street for the Mural Competition?
Visit their Facebook group HERE



  1. its not a goat its a kudu fool!

  2. Goat, Kudu.... shit still the same!