Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Have a good weekend Pt. 2

A big group of us hung out, drunk beers, talked shit and painted the old Aro Servo on Sunday. A tonne of people stopped by while we were doing it to say how much they love our work. It's good to know that the whole of Aro Valley are supporting us. .

It's all about the actual act of painting, not to see how long it lasts, which is something a chosen few forget. We have a good time doing it and no matter how many dramas you try and cause you will never be able to change that.

Big ups Eek Beware Texas Cast Editor Aim Quew Haps FSU and Manky 166! We'll make believers out of them haters!


  1. word em up.*
    you should post up an update of the latest at aro servo from last weekend

  2. Steady On there tiger!

    They'll be up sometime dont you worry :-P