Monday, November 16, 2009

Takes the cake

The boards that follow the empty lot on both Hanson and John Streets have been given some well deserved love over the last few weeks. Much better than the white monstrosity that was there before.


Could this possibly be a stencil by the lovely Xoe Hall? Probably not but it looks very similar to her work.


At the risk of sounding like an arrogant twit this is looks like artist 45rpm
who is part of Bristols What Collective. Street artists are known to 'borrow' styles from each other but this takes the cake. mmmm Cake! Nice public placement though.


I got in contact with a guy after a recent Trade Me purchase and found that he has started his own Tauranga based Graf supplies website titled MRGRAFFITI.COM

After exchanging a few emails he mentioned he had started the site to cater for the OUT-OF-AUCKLANDer graf heads that had trouble finding decent caps/pens/mops/ink etc in their town.
Only $4 postage fee!! Better than buying a unrefillable pen for over $25 at your local rip off art joint!


SuperVision films are making some dope videos of the Ironlak team getting up all over the place. The video I put up in the previous post is just a taster of what they have on their blog

Visit the SuperVision blog HERE


Visit SuperVision films for Ironlak on vimeo HERE



  1. Hey Yozhik here - the one of the woman in the frame is mine - it says Yozhik in the design down the bottom. And the trumpet guy is mine too.
    I also did the spaceman stencil on dixon you had a while ago

  2. Yo Yozhik.

    Choice works bro. I tried my hardest to work out what the name said on the astro sten you did but couldnt figure it out.

    Keep it up man!!

    oO WWS Oo

  3. Too good. I meant to document all of this art (since it is just down the road from me) but have not as yet.

    I'll get around to it, but so nice to see it is being appreciated. Like you say, SO much better than what it was.

  4. Yeah no worries - I been thinking about changing it up - i like the design but people find it hard to read. I showed my mum astro man today and she thought it said "yorrik" or something.
    I have/had a robot up at the first stop of the cable car, dont know if he's still there tho...