Friday, November 27, 2009

Chop Shop

Not to sure who did this but its fkn dope.

Graffography sent me these photos from Moa Point. I hadn't been up there for weeks and from what we've seen its always changing.
Looking at Feaf 's recent work makes me wonder why he hadn't painted earlier.

Nice detail by Unit.



After a long hiatus I went up to Manky Chops last night for a beer. The place is packed with awesome works ranging from Jinx to Eek and almost everyone in between. If you've run out of Xmas present ideas then head up to Manky Chops Level 1 166 Cuba


Ever since Twitter have taken over the social networking scene I've been inundated with emails stating '' so-and-so wants to follow you on Twitter'' I flat out refuse to do it and find the whole thing pointless. I found out that the 2 times Revok got arrested recently were because of his ''tweets'' stating where he was going to be and the 5-0 where there waiting for him. Sorry folks but there will be no tweeting from me.

If you get a chance head down to Baobab Cafe @ 152 Riddiford St Newtown today and check out the live painting by Dryp and friends and the release of Massage Mag.
And there will be more live painting later tonight by YELZ @ Havana Bar Wigan St.



  1. that pink one with the pink character that you posted last, says NASTY.

  2. Think the top one is by a cat called Phex i think, rolling with fkdns, from New Plymouth last I knew.

  3. You're so on to it!
    I love reading what's up.

    I did Twitter for about 5 minutes and even though I got to hook up with some cool cats doing the same deal from other countries, it was all Hi - Nice to meet you, then nothing of any substance. It's really just an outlet for self-promotion and often with not so great results as you said.

  4. Jay - as per Anon's comment - the top pic is a piece that Phex did, he paints Draped as well. These are the guys I paint with up here - spun out when I saw this last weekend!! FDKNS is based up here in South Aux, but got crew everywhere :)