Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mugs Oner

I don't like to double post it in one day but HAVE to shout out the homie Mugs.
Killing it as usual!

(nice to see some writers respect going on by going AROUND someone else's piece)

Ill bro!



  1. mmm like the mugs pastey posted over the component piece opposite fidels, definalty not called for!

  2. at least he made and effort to make it a good pastey if not better. would you prefer him to tag a shitty wannabe crew name on it instead?
    its not there anymore anyways so whats the big deal?

  3. No, your missing the point, which is; he went over a really decent piece of work which didnt need to be pasted over. The boombox, like the angel (used to be up above manky chops)are/were two wicked pieces of art which with a bit of respect couldve hung round alot longer. Not saying forever but until something of worth could replace them, Of course I wouldnt prefer someone shittly tagged over them...? All I am saying is its not like wall space is hard to come by in wellington, so why go out of your way to go over decent stuff?