Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Chi !

Aro Valley got some major renovations today. 3 groups of people painting all within viewing distant of each other, havent seen Wellington this busy for a long time :-)

♥ Happy Birthday Chi Dog!
♥ Pink Eek Editor Yelz & Beware ♥


Mark gave me the word that this was there. Pretty dope looking astrodude!

Moa Point

.... Just a bit of self promo bullshit

... but isn't that what putting your name up is about, self promotion?

... or do we all want to remain anonymous?

Who Knows.

Apologies for the delay in posting this week. I was waiting to help paint Echo's birthday wall before anything went up. When I get my next day off I'll process all the photos Ive gathered recently and get them up.

Coming up ....

A few before and afters.


A tidy up



  1. Bro, I'm digging that photo of that old building up at Massey. Awesome.

  2. awesome wall for wee ichi! I'm off on the 13th of Nov, so we should rock something- just let me know :). Btw the purple character is sweet.

  3. haha great post!

    Love photo #1 and #4

  4. Love the tenticled Bewaware (L)