Thursday, July 23, 2009


Went on a photo mish around town with the Graffography crew last weekend. Fkn cold but worth the visit. I was surprised to see the walls so bare considering having had a conversation about the spot with Neonate and how popular it is and that was over a year ago.

Picture says it all..

Eek & Yelz

Unit DWT

Someone's been practising their sten skills....

F is 4 FUN
Should have got a shot of the ironing board (!?!?!) you can see bottom centre but didn't for some reason. Pezo had hit it.

An hour or so beforehand...

Went and visited Eek & Yelz while they had a paint behind Manky Chops. Eek just keeps getting better. Think we better keep a close eye on him!

I had planned on reporting about the buff etc but don't know where the photos have gone too.
They'll be around somewhere.

Thanks to M & A for the photo mish!

Coming up....

New Paste-ups


Some slaps

& a few more oldies.


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  1. Bro, those photos from up Hawkins Hill have come out cool. Really like the sunlight coming thru.