Thursday, May 14, 2009


Some stimulating comments are being made over at the TONKS GROVE post

My 'International Correspondent' Sarah snapped these photos of EINE's work for me in East London. I had begged her to take photos of any single letters on shop fronts that she came across. She commented that these letters were EVVVVERYWHERE.

When I first saw EINE's work I thought it was a silly concept painting only one letter because it would make no sense to the viewer. However once I learnt a thing or two about him I changed my mind when I realised he paints whole alphabets all over London including full word pieces.

You can view a the complete EINE alphabet on David Gormans Flickr stream HERE

Or check out EINE's Care Bear themed Website HERE

While we are on the subject of International Street Art. My good Friends Przem & Les snapped these while in Kuala Lumpur. Good Spotting guys!

Eek & Unit

I mentioned that I was going to post The BMD mothers day shout out but for some damn reason Blogger doesnt like the idea. Sorry folks.


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  1. hey WWS, thanks for the International update. I think the single letters are cool. Interesting too I reckon, when contrasted with the roller type I saw down left bank last night.