Friday, May 22, 2009

International : Mitte, Germany

These photos were taken by an acquaintance I had met through work who offered to snap some flicks while he was in Berlin, Germany. He mentioned that the area was called Mitte (German for Middle)

I love sticker combos!

I Love the roller action!

Thanks Rhys! Your awesome!
(Photos taken with a Canon G7)

Back in Wellytown...

I went and saw ALTEREGO last night at The Paramount. Watching Graf documentaries makes me want to go out and paint! I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is interested in Graf or art in general. I'm going back next week!

...While in the theater I over heard the 2 guys sitting next to me say to one another 'I thought there would be some writers here' which made me laugh because they just needed to look a bit harder.

...Ive got to say welcome back to TheKidsPresent! Go check him out HERE


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