Wednesday, March 4, 2009

''All cops are bastards''

The last few weeks have been a bit of a treat for (me) Wellington. Having serious street artists like Cut Collective in town has spiced the place up a bit. I'm not sure about you but its definitely made me want to add my bit to city.... But with so much out there to photograph I feel like I should document it all first before the haters let their jealousy get the better of them and rip them all down.

Check this BMD yo! These dudes have no end to their MADNESS!!! haha

EEKS ONER! Hangin nexta' them BMD boys

Sin has been at it again. Loving the scale of these paste-ups.

According to the Swonderful blog they dug his first pastey that was there and they wanted to see more. So, you may choose to hate on him but that doesn't change the fact that people WANT to see his work up.

I saw a new pastey of Sin's up on Cuba mall and got some photos with him while it was still wet but for the life of me I can't find the damn pictures. Grrrr.

....And a rare treat to see Tank Girl make an appearance too.


Paste-up in Left Bank?! Weird.



  1. Hm.Pieces Only lasting 2 days before being ripped or destroyed...
    Kinda a bit frustrating...if you see a piece of street art...
    and let everyone enjoy it ,rather than Uh..politics or greed get the better of you ..and you have a problem with that then tell me your reasons to my face instead of running around wreaking my work like little coward(s)..

    BTW: More work was put up this morning but are in secret places....

  2. Sin: Make some super strong glue and try get up in spots/surfaces where people cant easily peel it off. A piece can last through years of scratching and picking if its got some strong glue and on the right surface.

    It fucks me off to see a fresh Sin piece ruined in a matter of days. People love to hate anyone who is doing anything good. As for screwing and nailing your stuff around.. excellent. Keep up the good work dude.