Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cuba Street....

So fucking excited to see some fresh Cut Collective stens appearing all over town! It looks like they've been keeping themselves busy since their group show Common Ground at TheNewDowse last weekend which I heard was a pretty awesome. Go on over to NeonSleep's page to see some photos of the night...... Or check this article from tv3 interviewing Flox and Trustme. Thanks Gypsy!




Enforce One + Component


Enforce One

If your a sad ass like me and missed out on the show at The Dowse you can still see Cut Collective and Via Graphik painting live at Cuba Street Carnival Saturday 21st February from 11am til 1.30 aprox.

See you there!



  1. Was talking with Enforce1 yesterday before they started on more work down Lefties.
    Went there again after work to see what they'd done (a lot!) and saw that the'yd got busted (or told to move along) by the boys in blue!

    Still, there are some new works worth snapping and chucking up here.

    Pity it looks like rain for tomorrow too. No bus painting! BOO!

  2. Thanks Sea Monkey :-)
    They would have got told to move along because they were painting on the wrong side of the alley way. The bloody nazi residents assume that since they have spray cans that they're tagging. Grrr

    Pics coming up in my next post.

    oO WWS Oo