Monday, January 12, 2009

A new era

Now that I've got my new camera under control, after a few minor hiccups involving miscommunication between myself and the instruction manual I went out to see if anything decent had been put up in my absence. I found some larger-than-life Surplus Bargains paste-ups! Worthy first subjects I must say. We hadn't seen Surplus around for a long time and I had wondered where and when he was going to pop up next. It appears that street artists are creatures of habit as we've seen Surplus place his creations in the same spot before. I say he has officially claimed it as his own!

Having been off the graf radar I didn't really pay attention to the usual sticks and tags etc outside Manky Chops and had walked passed their numerous times without even noticing these Flamingos posing as umbrellas. Unfortunately, as always, ugly tags had ruined it before I could get a clean shot. Ah Well.

I think I may have seen the above picture down Lambton Quay a little while ago, not quite sure though. This particular one is on Ghuznee St.


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