Sunday, December 14, 2008


I had a brief conversation with THE KID while the GREAT BUFF MISH was going down about keeping on top of this blog business. Its so easy, and I've done this so many times before where your mind is racing with ideas while your bored at work, you get home, sit down and relax and realise you can't be arsed laying down the idea that you got so excited about. I'm not sure how it works idea-wise for The Kid but this site is dependant on the writers/artists getting up around town. So, no new graf, no new posts! Of course their is ALOT of tagging, and pretty much all of it is really REALLY ugly unless they've got a mean hand style like COVET or HEIST but I've chosen not to post any of it. So in reality I'm not left with much to work with.

Now that my ranting is over, There is alot to report on, the official opening of BoomBox, LeftBank buff mission, pics of the finished pieces after the buff and a WgtnWallStreet debut of BEWARE...... but I'll save those for another day ;-P


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  1. The funny thing is I knew that, now I feel like a donkey..

    I got mean handstyles, lol.