Friday, December 12, 2008

Its on now!

Just a quick heads up on whats going down around the way.....

Saturday 13 December is gonna be a pretty full on day for a few people, and most probably followed by a leave-me-alone-im-hungover Sunday!

Everyones favourite side street clothing space BOOMBOX are having their official opening! Check the flyer for more info. It's gonna be mean...


Now, have organised a (semi) buff down leftbank alley. The alley hasn't been looking the best (to put it nicely) over the last few months with rumours that a few writers have chosen not to paint there because of the disrespect the amateurs are all to willing to show. It's sad because Leftbank used to be the hub of Wellington Street Art..... Ah well.

If all goes to plan we should be painting the buff by 10am-ish and getting up about 11.30-ish. Come down and check what the haps is. Anyone with beef should leave it all at home. We're trying to show that graf can be positive and not just considered an act of vandalism.


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