Sunday, October 26, 2008

kaBOOM !~!~!

Props to Boombox for making the big move, settling in, and making the side streets of Wellington worthwhile to visit! Come and help them celebrate!

...Elie and I had a conversation about people only sticking to the main routes and chain stores and not really exploring others parts of our city. Garret Street has some big plans ahead. And with the addition of Peoples Coffee and now Boombox it is most probably more popular than ever.

The "Zombie Wall" mural in the carpark off Garret Street was one of the first pictures I uploaded to my Myspace before I knew anything about this blog business. Even though it is usually surrounded by cars, I think it compliments the area. Why not park there and visit Boombox and check some local graf talent while your at it!? Cross Glover Park and go visit LeftBank! ....... Found these stencils today and knew that Boombox had settled in and claimed back their territory.

I'll hit everyone with some pics of the Boombox Relocation labour day BBQ in my next blog. Coming soon ......

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