Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Went down to the 'ol Boombox to help them celebrate their successful relocation to Garret Street on Labour Day. Beats, Beer and a BBQ seemed to keep everyone happy.

It's amazing what new surroundings can do for someone. You can see in the design of Boombox that the countless faces behind the scenes have really put some effort into getting the vibe just right. I've already heard today someone saying that Boombox is the best retail store in Wellytown and I think I'm going to have to agree too.

Boombox Gallery, 16 Garret Street Wellytown. Stockists of :


While I was there I couldn't help but go take a peek at what was going on down LeftBank and was suprised to find a very well known writer-slash-tagger putting it down only to be joined by a fellow more notorious crew member, with paint in tow, a few minutes later......

Now, just to clear it up, LeftBank ISN'T legal Or a safe spot for anyone to paint without permission from the owner/s of the building. I wasn't surprised to see the cops come marching one-by-one down LeftBank to lay down the law. Luckily none of the writers got taken away (although someone who was merely watching did, but thats another story)

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