Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ghetto Fabulous!

Anyone into graf in Wellington knows BoomBox gallery. Just down from Leftbank and around the corner from Cuba Mall, it almost makes it a neccesity to stop in there when your in the area. A fuse box outside has become a bit of a hot spot for tags and slaps, constantly changing and giving me (and a few other dedicated graf heads) more photo opportunities.

Yesterday I was putting some FREE PHOTOS up and saw Elie who mentioned that I could take some photos of all the slaps plastered up in the back room of Boomies. While I was there I thought Id abuse my rights and take some shots of the shop.

Elie and Thekidd

Characters by CEAPone

Gosip. This dude has some mad skills!

Theres a change in the works at BoomBox. Plans to move premises perhaps? A new mural out front? Big sales?......I dont know but go check it out for yourself.

BoomBox Gallery, 56 Ghuznee St WellyTown

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  1. You're such a Voyeur!! lol
    Makes you wonder what treats might be in other peoples nether areas...