Monday, May 5, 2008

A taste of whats to come

Zombies, Garret Street Carpark.

After opening a myspace account for all of my Graf photos this was the first photo I uploaded. The wall on which this is on gets buffed periodically but has managed to stay like this for quite a while. Its almost a free reign graf wall and changes all the time.

Surplus Bargains, Cuba Mall

This is one of the first paste ups that really caught my eye. Being in such a public place it had a good run and lasted for over a month. That almost makes it an antique in the Graffiti/Street Art world. Surplus Bargains

Drypnz, Dixon Street.

This picture turned out better than I thought it would. Being by a busy bus stop the light was never perfect but I chanced it. I took this photo while a bus had pulled up along side of me, the sun shone through the windows and gave the photo a column of light almost highlighting the pasted character on the tiles.

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  1. Sorry folks, I hadnt resized the pics before posting.

    Note to self: RESIZE PHOTOS!