Friday, May 9, 2008


" Do you ever question the thoughts the person next to you at an opening of a show? Do you ever question your own, or think do i fully understand the meanings of the artist is trying to portray? You might at some points want to simplify yourself and just go for the simple fact that you like the images being portrayed. This is all in question because the artist may be thinking the exact same thing about the people viewing his/her work. We here have asked a simple question and are asking it through our poster design. Our purpose built print “mistakes” are asking if the viewer is aware of their surrounding as much as they think they are, or their willingness to question and challenge what is often accepted as the norm."A small bit of stuff will be awarded to the person who on opening night whispers or exclaims these “mistakes” to myself, or Crackedink”

See you at the show!


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