Monday, October 17, 2011

It's been a while Pt. 1

Headed up to Mt Crawford after not having visited for a year or so.

Loving this DEMO!


I was supposed to report on an Auckland event called Art Week which is curated by the lovely Cleo Barnett, the wonder lady who also brings us First Thursdays and the recent group show Dirty 13. Forgetting that blogger uses american date stamp when scheduling upcoming posts I foolishly set the post date for 12 December instead of 12 October! So sadly I have missed out on getting the word out there for Spencer Harrington AKA Randoms' show.

But never fear. Regan Tamanui AKA HA HA, a prolific stencil artist straight outta the Tron but based in Melbourne has a show in Auckland opening tomorrow night.
WHERE: OREXART - Kitchener Street, Auckland
WHEN: Tuesday 18 October - 5 November.

Visit for the lowdown.
(sorry Cleo)


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