Friday, October 7, 2011


Graffiato is a unique and dynamic street art festival, providing artists with an abundance of blank walls and a weekend to create vibrant and colorful permanent artworks. Curated by Cut Collective member, Ross Liew, Graffiato is a new festival delivered by Erupt Events, Taupō’s Arts Trust, who also deliver the nationally renowned biennial ‘Erupt Lake Taupō Festival’.”
“Graffiato is going to permanently change the face of street art in New Zealand,” said Mr Liew. “For some time now, street art and graffiti has been gaining an ever-increasing profile across the world. While certain names have cut through and now register for many within middle New Zealand, our own country’s practitioners have often been left overlooked. Graffiato will change that.”

Good to see Wellington getting rep'd!



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