Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Red Bull Wreckers Yard

16 of the best graff artists from New Zealand have been hand-picked to display their artistic flair, whilst spraying against the clock. In the Wellington and Auckland qualifier, eight graff artists will be provided with just a blank canvas and cans of spray paint to do their thing. 

Each round will be based on a theme, given to the competitors a minute out from the start of the round. Some examples of themes could include greed, nature or fear. The artists will then have to spray according to the theme. 

The winners from each New Zealand qualifier will battle it out for the podium with the best from across the ditch at the Red Bull Wreckers Yard Trans Tasman Final, held on 25 June at the Evelyn Hotel in Melbourne. 

The Wellington qualifier features: BMD, Drypnz, Editor, GHSTIE, Juse 1, Kerb, Kiran X and Yelz, 

The Auckland qualifier features: Cinzah, Cracked Ink, Enu, Gasp, Liam Moore, One Kame, Peepshow and Stray 

Bodega Bar, Wellington, Saturday 21st May, 7pm, Free Entry. 

Neighbourhood Bar, Kingsland, Auckland, Saturday 28th May, 7pm, Free Entry.

For more info and artist bios visit HERE


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