Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ruined it for everyone.

After a afternoon of deliberating I've decided to remove the forum and the option to make comments anonymously. The forum was intended to provide an outlet for people with a valid, positive opinion of the Graf community in Wellington and what goes on therein . BUT unfortunately a handful of people have ruined it. I appreciate those who have taken the time to post positive, stimulating comments and I apologise on behalf of those who have ruined it for you.

If you feel you have something constructive to say then feel free to email me @


Depending on the content of the email I will copy & paste it into the next post I do after I receive it

The forum could have worked if people decided to put aside whatever shit is going on . It's a small town, I know your all fighting for space. No use in trying to beef up my blog with inane comments though. Go out, get up and prove yourself that way. Easy.

Thank you again for all the people that have supported this blog over the years. You are not forgotten.


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