Wednesday, August 18, 2010

International Post

Though I'd post some cool stuff from around the place. You might have seen this work already, but its worth checking out again I reckon!


"Roa come to his painting in different ways, either as abandoned places, town, or gallery, and develops more and more the effects of anamorphosis, also in a goal context. After distinguished journeys in the streets of New York, London, Berlin and Warsaw in 2009, Roa now takes possession of Paris." (Press Release)


Graffiti Jam in Brooklyn, NYC

Check out this amazing wall in Brooklyn. Writers include: 4B, Deem, Graffiti, Gusnyc, Gusto, Kem, Kem5, Logek, Owns, Pun18, Puppet, Rath, Sen2, and Yes1. Be sure to click thru and view the full strip.


Word to Mother

"I've been painting some large scale MOTHER pieces using my signature type. I paint the outside of the letters so that the inside leaves the texture of the walls underneath. The walls out here are perfect for it as they are so textured and have a beautiful history. The local people seem to love the new art thats appearing all over town which makes it even better. I worked on a huge rooftop piece yesterday and the retired couple that lived in the house sat and watched me paint for eight hours." POP356


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