Monday, July 5, 2010

Portaloo Style

Excerpt from email sent by Valerie

We are working on a city art project with Crohn’s and Colitis New Zealand to help them mark the launch of their new national support group for people with these diseases. To help publicise their launch and bring awareness to the daily challenges people with Crohn’s face they’d like 5 artists to create works of art from portaloos (Crohn’s is a chronic disease with no cure and sufferers often desperately need toilets). These art-a-loos will be displayed in Parliament on the July 29th launch and around Wellington city to raise awareness of the group. They’ll then be part of a charitable auction to raise funds for the group. They’ll feature heavily in media outreach around the event.

If you are interested Get in touch with Valerie via

This will be awesome!


Ginga Smurf says 'Get some style cuz!' hahaha


Graffiti and Music legend Rammellzee has passed away at age 49 from a long suffering disease.

Check the LA Times article on his life HERE


Found this video via Madness Wall blog of Paul 'MOOSE' Curtis on how he started his obsession with reverse graffiti.


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  1. If you do the same in the UK I'd be happy to donate some portable toilets. Good luck, Chris.