Sunday, June 20, 2010


I was lucky enough to hang out with FDKNS while they were here for the Wellington leg of their nationwide tour.

Thank you FDKNS for being so hospitable and letting snap flicks while you worked. It's so good to see something new in Wellington!

I have photos of the wall they painted with JuseOne in Newtown BUT will post them at a later date once I get a full shot of the wall. Parked cars are my #1 enemy!


Vinly Heaven

I've been meaning to get a photo of this for a while but the zoom on my Digi cam just wasn't cutting it. So with my new SLR I manged to get a decent shot.

Opera House


Exit through the gift shop

The street art disaster film by Banksy and Mr Brainwash is finally going to been shown at the New Zealand International Film Fest 2010.

The dates for the Wellington screenings are as follows:

Saturday 17 July, 8.15pm @ Penthouse Cinema, Brooklyn
Tuesday 20 July, 8.45pm @ Embassy
Wednesday 21 July, 4pm @ Embassy.

For other screening times throughout New Zealand check out NZFF.CO.NZ

Anyone want to buy me a ticket? haha

Coming up......

FDKNS in Newtown


Photos of stuff I don't usually post



  1. Mean vinyl heaven, why didnt you get a pic of the one across the road?
    Fuck togo is a legend

  2. The other one has already been posted a while back.

    oO WWS Oo

  3. ne one know who destroyed the FDKNS piece ?

    im guessin those fags from tawa