Friday, April 30, 2010

Red Bull Stereopticon

Red Bull Stereopticon the event that will take artists creations to monumental new levels.

The nationwide call is now on for artist’s submissions to Red Bull Stereopticon, a unique event which enables the winning artists work, scales it up and projects it real time, brush stroke for brush stroke onto the walls of iconic buildings around the country.

Stereopticon asks all artists to unleash their creativity and submit a design that incorporates Red Bull in the most imaginable way possible, with a chance of a winning an installation of light, sound and time on a truly epic scale!

Artists can submit their concept design and selection of work through the Red Bull Stereopticon page of including a short bio about themselves from May 1st.

Red Bull will choose the three winning artists that will transform iconic landmarks in this multimedia event. The installation series starts in Queenstown during June, then travels to Wellington and Auckland.

Final closing date for submissions is June 14 2010.

Get inspired, get creative and submit your work to Red Bull Stereopticon by visiting right now!

Final installation materials provision will be covered by Red Bull and the winning artists have a guaranteed option to sell their finished canvas to Red Bull for $1000.00 NZD.

Get in there. This is going to be epic....



  1. art inspired by capitalism? a portrait of the artist givin a red bull a bj? how many cases of sugary craptastic drink would i win for that?!

  2. Get off the dole and quit stomping around in ya Doc boots and maybe TRY and change something for once instead of moaning about it. Capitalism my ass! I wish every entrant the best of luck.

  3. I agree to both the leftie and the rightie.

    You can't deny corporate giants like redbull getting involved with graffiti is a bit fucked up and, well.. lame. At the end of the day to them its a marketing plot trying to boost their street cred and establish their image. So long as people see through this, corporate sponsors can be your hook you up. Who doesn't like free shit, right?

    When players like this get involved it does allow artists to get some rewards (cash, product, much deserved coverage, wall space) and take their shit to the next level.. i'm sure some amazing work will come from this and will be a great event.

    Another side factor to consider is that these events usually shine graffiti in a positive light, something that doesn't happen to often in this world. I'm not sure about you, but i wish painting in the streets wasn't sure a big deal. If people see that it can be dope & creative and not just vandalism like its portrayed as in the media.

    The more positive coverage,the more free product to artists and the more opportunities to get some shit up on walls around the country.. the better.

    Whatever. Get off the internet and go paint something ya cunts.