Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Drypnz + PNTR

I trust everyone enjoyed their long weekend, or your time and half/day in lieu if you had to work. Hopefully no-one suffered a diabetic coma due to too much chocolate HA!

Been lazy with the photo snapping so have alot to catch up on.

Nice Easter Monday touch up on a well hit spot.



Everfresh Crew are close to releasing their book titled Everfresh Blackbook soon, and they have close to 50,000 photos that didn't make the cut that will be posted up on their blog.

Check it HERE


Thank you to all who have submitted flicks over the last week, always good to have back up when the Welly scene gets quiet, I'll stagger them out over the next month or 2



  1. The artistic qualities of the first work is great. And the back of Manky Chops has been tagged already. Graffiti 'beef' is definitively immature and beautifully amusing standing from the outside looking in (even the term 'beef' is hilarious). Sad because so many walls in Wellington have been tarnished by immature jealous teenage rage over the last couple of years. I must also add before concluding that the 'thug life' attitude is also just as hilarious, this is NZ not LA kiddies. Keep up the good work archiving these walls, thanks and I look forward to the juvenile rebutle that will follow this post.