Saturday, March 13, 2010

Component on TV3

Did anyone catch the article on TV3 news about Cut Collective member Component recent court appearance?

I'd love to go on about how they lump aerosol artists into the TAGGER category after stating that they are GRAFFITI ARTISTS, then go on to call Cut Collective a group of Auckland taggers again. Hmmmmmmm

.....Good publicity for their Public Access exhibit though.

Check the link HERE and let me know what you think.


(screenshot kindly stolen from


  1. The stupid thing is, if Banksy did this exact stencil they'd probably frame it and put a velvet rope around it. People making uninformed opinions like this is exactly what's restricting the medium from going forward.

  2. Sold some Krink markers to him the other day muhahahahaha

  3. street art is art.
    are they gonna take school kids to a gallery and expose them to art?? no, so someone has to expose them to art and street art works for, im backing sparrow!!

  4. ..the news is all opinions, or angled facts; we all know it, cant do sht about it- so we paint walls.. street art is a a form we don't quite understand~ yet it grows and evolves, it's an occurrence that seems to be welcomed by earth..