Thursday, October 1, 2009

Te Aro Update

Despite the rain and the cold its good to see new shit going up in our beloved Aro Valley. The wall above has been painted heaps and featured here since the first time Eek The BMD and Beware made it over (although BMD had a larger-than-life paste-up there)

Now im not putting down the art of the artist that did the original mural that was there but I think this looks alot better (I may be a tad bias though ha!) and judging by the comments of the people that live in the cul-de-sac leading up to it, they do too!


I wasn't going to try and attempt getting a panoramic photo of this so I'll leave it up to Mark @ Graffography to get the goodness. Digging how this old gas station has progressed since the homies first painted it.





(fkn Ill son!)


Mad roll call


I saw this video via URBANPAINTING (check the link on the right) of BLU painting in Long Island, New York. I never get tired of watching Blu's quirky painted street animations. Could he possibly be the most influential international street artist around at the moment?


As some of you may have noticed I've started to add a bit of international news in the mix. Almost all of my internet habits involve Graffiti (oh and facebook exploits) so I thought I'd share it around. Any requests just let me know :-)

Coming up .........

More Aro updates


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