Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Quality over quantity

Ive just had a look at the back catalogue of posts and realised that Paste-ups have been the flavour of the last 2 or so months so I decided to show some different stuff. Not that I'm complaining about Paste-ups, its just that I like to show quality over quantity and the Pasteys that have appeared around the place were definitely worth showing.

I dont venture down LeftBank as much as I used to anymore. Its a shame because alot of the Wellington graf/street art that appeared on any websites in NZ would be from LeftBank. That said I was surprised to see some stencils down there on a lonely walk through a couple of days ago.

Haha HAPPY! Krak Whores!

Spurt made an appearance too. Been a long time since we've seen a his name up around town. Unless im looking in the wrong places??

EverFresh Crew! I was excited to see this sticker as Ive only ever seen a Rone Paste-up twice in Wellington. Taranaki St still going strong + Kaiwharawhara (sadly its been buffed)
Check there site HERE

On the way to Newtown Fair last sunday with Pint Bits I spotted this Tag. Now im not the biggest fan of tags but I hadn't seen a GBAK tag etc since I lived in AucklandTown and I HAD to take a picture.

....Hope that will suffice. Ive got loads more to post. Ive built up quite a collection recently.

I've got to say YOUR AWESOME! to Surplus Bargains. So good to see your site up and running. Keep it up man!




  1. mmm GBAK, there are nice and messy GBAK supersoaker tags on the side on cumberland hostel, willis street (?)

  2. Chur. I can see them from where im sitting. Also some behind ALC/Manky Chops and one on a house not to far away too...


    oO WWS Oo

  3. thought this was turning into a pasty only blog for a min, good to see some graff again.

  4. Pasteys are ill!!