Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ranty Carnival

Before I continue on with Cuba Street Carnival there are a few things I feel I should clear up to save the confusion. I was approached by 2 people on separate occasions during the carnival and asked why I hadn't put up any pictures for a long time. This confused the shit out of me as I had been doing posts regularly since I got back from holiday 3 or so weeks ago. After a few comments made about writers etc I realised that they had me confused with

Just so it's clear, I lent a helping hand in the early stages of the Left Bank blog, but I don't hold the domain name and the idea was someone else's. I have had enough trouble keeping up with this blog let alone having 2 graf/street art blogs to come home to at night. 'Nuff said.

Where were we?....

For most of the carnival I felt like I was constantly in a rush to get photos or be here, there and eveywhere. I really didnt fancy braving the crowd to make it up to see Misery and Co. painting an old Bedford truck or to see Ikon and Cut Collective painting a bus (which I hear is running it's normal service for 3 months!) So I waited til It died down a bit before I made my way up there.

Misery & Someone else who I forget the name of

Ikon & Cut Collective

I finally got around to dragging my ass up to Manky Chops to get the finished works. More photos to come in the very near future.


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