Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hidden Gems

Made our way up Mt Vic to go to a minus-the-costume halloween BBQ and found this just off the side of the road. Later I asked Yelz if it were a 'legal' piece. He said no. saying something about a friend et ceterea and that it was done without permission.

2 weeks later and I was searching for some new spots to get some paste-ups going and I decided to cut through some of the old roads that were there before the bypass. As usual I was on the lookout for any graf I might have missed and noticed some blue patterns sticking out on a wall behind a fence. I managed to open the gate and saw that FoothHead, Dryp and then Yelz had painted this up. Crazy!! A friend thought it was Eeks when I showed him the photo and I could see the similarity.


Unfortunately someone decided that writing 'BITCH AS' would somehow enhance the look of it. Think not!
Saturday 15 November
Just got word from Foothead that someone known as Long John Silver helped with this painting too. .WWS.


  1. Who's Foothead and how could you tell? Or did you get the inside from Dryp or Yelz?
    Random spots!

  2. Dope detective work Mr Walls and dope painting Yeltz and Dryps!