Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Silent but VLT

After a few late night email conversations WGTN WALL STREET are proud to present a range of pictures featuring VLT CREW

VLT ( meaning VIOLENT ) CREW ( meaning Crime Rich Extreme Worldwide ) are from Malaysia and have been been adding their piece to the street art movement since 2006.
He started out using stickers and stencils but thought his VLT characters would be more effective on a larger scale.

He is known to collaborate with other artists such as LOOPAFLY ( Italy) and more commonly seen (and loved!) here in Wellington, Nz with YELZ.

He says that VLT CREW are not a crew but the name of what his amazing characters look like. His trade mark saying is ART IS CUTE

And Finally, Thanks for the sticks VLT!

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  1. Yay - loving the new header and a really interesting post about VLT feat Yelz ;-)