Thursday, July 17, 2008


Paste-ups have been a favourite of mine to photograph. The most prolific artists using this medium in Wellington are Surplus Bargains and Drypnz. Dryps characters are easily recognisable in any form but his placement is amazing (and often death defying!) and I always get excited seeing a new character plastered to the wall.

Surplus has his own unique style. Every paste-up I have seen of his have always featured animals. Tigers, Tuis, Bees and Snails have adorned our streets. And like with Dryp I am always anxious to see the next creature that he creates.


  1. Seeing that Yelz pastey makes me wonder where he is? We haven't seen anything from him for months...
    Links all good ;-)

  2. Yelz has the best characters in wellys. i reakn hes probly in like a space boat looking for space whales so he can hav a lil chat to them and come back ta earht with a mad amount of new characters.u knw wat i mean.get some freash insite an shit.oosh